Results – September, 2019

Plant of the night & Judges Choice:

Den Rays Spot “Superb” benched by Peter Wise

Class 1 Standard Cymbidium over 90mm 1st Cym Vibrant Lunikir Lino Lus
2nd Cym Trinity Lino Lus
Class 2 Intermediate/Miniature Cymbidium 1st Cym Gentle Touch Bon Bon Lino Lus
2nd Cym Unknown Lino Lus
Class 3 Australian Native 1st Den tetragonum Peter Wise
2nd Den tetragonum Peter Wise
Class 4 Australian Native Hybrid 1st Den Rays Spot “Superb” Peter Wise
2 nd Den Kayla #1 Peter Wise
Class 5 Paphiopedilum 1st Paph Amanda x Paph Two Worlds Peter Wise
Class 14 Australian Native Species/Hybrid 1st Den Delicatum Robert Menzies
2nd Den Yondi Sparkle Robert Menzies
Class 18 Any Other Orchid 1st Unknown Caroline Canavceei
2nd Coelognyne Unchained melody Ann Gordon

No. of plants benched  19