Results – September, 2016

Plant of the night was: Cym Opera Mint Dark owned by Louis & Irma Friess

Class 1 Standard Cymbidium over 90cms
1st Cym Unknown Greg Knight
Class2 Intermediate/Miniature
1st Cym Opera Mint Dark Louis & Irma Friess
Class 4 Australian Native Hybrid
1st   Sarco Heidi Greg Knight
2nd  Kingianum silcockii “Big Foot” Greg Knight
Class 5 Paphiopedilum
1st Quercitron Alice do Santos
2nd Silvara K & P O`Neill
Class 6 Cattleya Hybrid over 90mm
1st C Burana Angel Alice do Santos
Class 9 Species Other
1st Dendrochilum cobbianum K & P O`Neill
2nd Den virginalis K & P O`Neill
Class 11 Oncidinae Alliance Hybrid
1st Calico Gem L & I Friess
2nd Odont Unknown K & P O`Neill
Class 12 Misc Orchid not mentioned elsewhere
1st   Den Yodogimi K & P O`Neill
2nd  Phal amabilis x Formosa Mary-Anne Warner
Class 14 Australian Native/Hybrid
1st  Den teretifolium Bob Menzies
2nd  Den monophyllum Priscilla Duncan
Class 15 Other Orchid
1st   Den nobile Bob Menzies
2nd Den Yukiduruma “King” Bob Menzies

Total plants benched: 28