Results – November, 2018

Plant of the night:    Sarco Heidi Ken x Cherie x Yvette  grown by  Arthur Smyrnios

Class 1: Standard Cymbidium 1st No entries
Class 2: Intermediate/Miniature Cymbidium 1st Arthur Smrynios Cym. Black Stump ‘Come in Spinner’
2nd Ian Lawson Cym. Kuranda
Class 3: Australian Native 1st Peter Wise Sarco. Hartimanii
2nd Peter Wise Cyn canniculatum ‘Alba’
Class 4: Australian Native Hybrid 1st Don Roberts Sarco. Sweethart ‘Speckles’ x Bunyip ‘Forest Fruit’
2nd Don Roberts Sarco. Magie ‘Meteor’
Class 5: Paphiopedilum 1st No entries
Class 6: Cattleya Hybrid over 90mm 1st T. Parker C. Heather II ‘Large Mauve’
Class 7: Cattleya Hybrid up to 90mm 1st Peter Wise Slc. Hazel Boyd ‘Royal Scarlet’
2nd Peter Wise L. Icarus ‘Gold Star x L. C. ‘Trick or Treat’’
Class 8: Species American 1st Peter Wise C. intermediate ‘Alba’
2nd Ian Lawson C. Unknown
Class 9: Species Other 1st Arthur Smrynios Paph. sukhakulii
  2nd Peter Wise Phal. amabilis
Class 10: Oncidium Hybrid 1st Kevin & Paula O’Neil Odont. Cherry Fudge ‘Carmelo’
Class 11: Oncidium Alliance Hybrid 1st Kevin & Paula O’Neil
Class 12: Misc. Orchid 1st Kevin & Paula O’Neil Den. unknown
2nd Kevin & Paula O’Neil Den. Hagara ‘Spring Fuji’
Class 13: Intermediate Cymbidium 1st Bob Menzies Sarco. Unknown
Class 14: Intermediate Aust. Native / Hybrid 1st Bob Menzies Den Linguiforme
2nd Bob Menzies Sarco. Yvette x Melody
Class 15: Intermediate Other Orchid 1st Joy Ross Phal. Unknown
2nd Joy Ross Phal. Unknown
Class 16: Novice Cymbidium 1st No entries
Class 17: Novice Aust. Native / Hybrid 1st No entries
Class 18: Novice Other Orchid 1st No entries

No. of plants benched:  73             Exhibitors:  8