Results – March, 2019

Plant of the night: Oncidium Sweet Sugar #2 grown by K & P O`Neill

Class 3 Australian Native Orchid
1st Den Lichenastratum Peter Wise
Class 4 Australian Native Hybrid Orchid
1st Den Topaz Dream “Renee” Peter Wise
2nd Sarc Zyzzy “D” Ian Lawson
Class 5 Paphiopedilum Hybrid Orchid
1st Paph Depearle x Bellatulum K & P O`Neill
Class 6 Cattleya Hybrid over 90mm Orchid
1st Blc Mount Isa “Myassa” Mary-Anne Warner
Class 7 Cattleya Hybrid under 90mm Orchid
1st C Mark Jones “Lange” x Sic Jungle Elf “Cherry Lyn” Arthur Smyrnios
Class 8 Any Other Orchid
1st Cat Intermedia “Alba” Peter Wise
2nd Brassia Eternal Wine “Summer Dream” Mary-Anne Warner
Class 10 Oncidium Hybrid Orchid
1st Onc Sweet Sugar #2 K & P O`Neill
2nd Onc Unknown K & P O`Neill
Class 11 Oncidinae Alliance Hybrid Orchid
1st Unknown Alice Do Santos
Class 12 Miscellaneous Orchid
1st Phal Sogo Lily Peter Wise
2nd Aerides krabiense x Rhy coelestis Mary-Anne Warner
Class 15 Any Other Orchid
1st Beallara Diana Dunn Bob Menzies

No. of plants benched: 30