Results – April, 2019

Members and Judge’s Choice    Beallara Diana Dunn         Arthur Smyrnios

Benching Results Results of judging for April 2019 meeting: Judging: Don Roberts

Class 3 Australian Native Orchid

1st Den bigibbum ‘Jessie’                                           Peter Wise

2nd Den bigibbum ‘Jessie’                                           Peter Wise

Class 4 Australian Native Hybrid Orchid

1st Den Topaz Dream ‘Renee’                                    Peter Wise

2nd Sarc Kirra Lea x Velvet Yannies Ruby                Arthur Smyrnios

Class 7 Cattleya Hybrid under 90mm Orchid

1st Beallara ‘Diana Dunn’                                          Arthur Smyrnios

2nd C ‘Cawdebee Candy’                                            Arthur Smyrnios

Class 8 Any Other Orchid

1st Onc Longipes                                                         K & P O`Neil

Class 12 Miscellaneous Orchid

1st Phal Longpride Snowboard ‘Snow White’           Peter Wise

2nd Miltassia “White Star”                                          P & K O`Neil


Class 15 Any Other Orchid

1st Onc Sharry Baby “Sweet”                                      Bob Menzies

2nd Miltassia Unknown                                                Bob Menzies

No. Plants benched: 17