Results – April, 2016

Plant of the night: Phaph. Tonson Radiant Tiger owned by Alice DoSanto

Class 2 Intermediate/Minature Cymbidium
1st Cym Vanesa “Amorosi Royle” Arthur Smyrnios
Class 3 Australian Native
1st Sarco  hirticalacr Ian Lawson
Class 4 Australian Native Hybrid
1st Den Mega Arthur Smyrnios
2nd Sarco “Bonanza” Ian Lawson
Class 5 Paphiopedilum
1st  Phaph
Tonson “Radiant Tiger”
Alice DoSantos
Class 10 Oncidium Hybrid
1st Onc Kulnura Gold “Pepper” x Dark Sun “Impact” Arthur Smyrnios
Class 11 Oncidium Alliance Hybrid
1st Onc Unknown Mary-Anne Warner
2nd Onc Wildcat “Rainbow” Irma Freiss
Class 12 Misc Orchid not mentioned elsewhere
1st Den Summer Sunset x Hot Shot Alice DoSantos
2nd Phal Unknown Priscilla Duncan
Class 15 Other Orchid
1st Unknown Bob Menzies

No. of Plants benched – 11