2014 September Spring Show Results




1 Table Top 1st P. & K. O’Neill 2nd P. Wise
2(a) Standard Cym 1st I. & L. Friess Cym Khan Flame x Spring Surf ‘Blushing’
Pink/Red 2nd I. & L. Friess Cym Kimberley Khan ‘Kentlyn’
2(b) Standard Cym 1st I. & L. Friess Cym Glowing Sands ‘Delight’
3(a) Intermediate Cym 1st A. Smyrnios Cym Khane Bono ‘Balance’
Pink/Red 2nd I. & L. Friess Cym Ake Bono ‘Dural’
3(b) Intermediate Cym 1st A. Symrnios Cym Darch Gold Finch ’Darch’
Yellow/Green/White 2nd I. & L. Friess Cym. Little Rod ‘Yowie Bay’ X Lovely Angel ‘Bubbles’
3(c) Intermediate Cym 1st A. Symrnios Cym Plush Canyon ‘Red’
Any other colour 2nd A. Symrnios Cym Ann Devil ‘Wackanea Sunset’
4(a) Miniature Cym 1st A. Symrnios Cym AE 847 Gypsey
Pink/Red 2nd A. Symrnios Cym Doo Wop ‘Wisteria’
4(b) Miniature Cym 1st A Symrnios Cym Devon Wood Gariga ‘Gem’
Yellow/Green/White 2nd A. Symrnios Cym. Magic Amber
4(c) Miniature Cym 1stI. I. & L. Friess Cym Dr Len ‘Ruby Sunset’
Any other colour 2nd I. & L. Friess Cym Daddys Girl
5(a) Aust Native Species 1st P. Wise Den spec Windermere x Palmaston
Den Speciosum 2nd P. Wise Den spec Daylight Moon ‘Over the Moon’
5(b) Den Kingianum 1st P. Wise Den kingianum ‘Big Foot’
5(c) Dendrobium other 1st N. Bates Dock Ridigum
5(e) Other 1st D. Roberts Den Tetragonum
2nd D. Roberts Sarc Falcatus
6(a) Aust Native Hybrid 1st P. Wise Den Wonga x Gracilimum x spec Nat. White
Dendrobium White 2nd P. Wise Den Delicatum
6(b) Dendrobium 1st A. Symrnios Den Victoria Blushing Bride x Zip
Pink/red/purple/brown 2nd P. Wise Den Desert Rose
6(c) Dendrobium 1st P. Wise Den Kalila ‘Yve’
Cream/yellow/green 2nd P. Wise Den Yondi Sparkle
6(d) Other 1st I. Lawson Dock Aussie Ginger x Ida Mary
2nd I. Lawson Dock Ida Mary x Lemon Pepper
7(a) Cattleya hybrid
Over 90mm
1st A. Symrnios Blc Momilani Rainbow ‘The Gypsey’ x Lc Mini Purie ‘Jessica’
2nd M. Warner Cat Chocolate Drop x Slc Wendys Valentine
8 Paphiopedilum Hybrid 1st P. Wise Paph Amanda x Two Worlds
2nd P. & K. O’Neill Paph Sarella x Emba
9 (a) Species 1st P. & K. O’Neill Onc Lemon Heart
Americas 2nd N. Bates Maxillaria ‘Picta’
9(b) Other than Americas 1st A. Symrnios Paph Villosum ‘Giant’
2nd D. Roberts Paph Insigne
10 Oncidinae Alliance Hybrid 1st A. Smynios Onc Cherrry Fudge Camela
2nd A Symrnios Odcm Tiger Crow x Oda Coittower ‘Gina’
11 Other Orchid Hybrid 1st P. Wise Coelogyne ‘Unchained Melody’
2ndI. Lawson Dock Striolata Alba ‘Packers’ X Fulignosa ‘Black Pam’
Intermediate Section
12 Cymbidium rchid 1st A. DoSantos Cym Mimi Sacramento
13 Aust Native Species/Hybrid 1st S. Flick Den Star of Riverdene
2nd A. DoSantos Specio Deliv Moonlight Orange
14 Other Orchid 1st A. DoSantos Onc Twinkle
2nd A. DoSantos Paph Unknown
Novice Section
16 Aust Native Species/Hybrid 1st D. Brennan Den Gracilicaule
17 Other Orchid 1st D. Brennan Oncidium Unknown
22 Floral Art Free Expression 1st I. & L. Friess 2nd I. & L. Friess
25 1st S. Flick Cym Lancashire Khan ‘Evie’ Khan Flame ‘Tuscany’
2nd T. Parker Cym. Unknown
26 1st M. Warner Den Awesome ‘Yellow’ x Autumn ‘Shapely’
2nd M. Warner Den Delicatum x (Big Red Ink #2 x spec Atherton) X Daylight Moon ‘Anthony’
27 1st N. Bates Oncidium Unknown
2nd P. Wise Phal Amabilis var Tormosana 4N ‘Fong Ping’

Compiled with all care and no responsibility for the deciphering of names from tags.