2013 September Spring Show Results




GRAND CHAMPION Louie Friess Cym. Heartbreak Doctor ‘Bleeding Heart’
RESERVE CHAMPION Arthur Smynios Odcm Tiger Crow x Oda Coittower ‘Gina’
CHAMPION STANDARD CYM. Alan Holsted Cym. Kirby Lesh ‘Chantilly Lace’
CHAMPION MINI/INTER CYM. Louie Friess Cym. Dr. Len ‘Ruby Sunset’
CHAMPION NATIVE SPECIES Noel Bates Den. Linguiforme
CHAMPION NATIVE HYBRID Peter Wise Den. Yondi Sparkle
CHAMPION SPECIES Peter Wise Cat. Loddigesii ‘Alba Angel’
CHAMPION MISCELLANEOUS Arthur Symnios Odcm Tiger Crow x Oda Coittower ‘Gina’
BEST NOVICE ORCHID Bev Theakston Coelogyne ‘Unchained Melody’


1 Table Top 1st P. & K. O’Neill
2nd P. Wise
3rd I. Lawson
2 (a) Standard Cym – Pink/Red 1st A. Holsted Cym Kirby Lesh ‘Chantilly Lace’
  2nd A. Smynios Cym Red Nelly ‘Devil’ x Flaming Pepper
2 (b) Standard Cym – Yellow/Green/White 1st P. Wise Cym Jubilation ‘Geronimo’
  2nd L. Friess Cym Joans Charisma ‘Va’ity’
2 (c) Standard Cym – Any other colour 1st I. Lawson Cym Khan Flame ‘Mocca” x ‘Cronulla’
  x Yowie Flam’
3 (a) Intermediate Cym – Pink/Red 1st A. Smynios Cym Khane Bono’Gosford Gold”
  2nd L. Friess Cym Khane Bono ‘Jacinta’
3 (b) Intermediate Cym – Yellow/Green/White 1st P. Wise Cym Gladys Whitesell ‘Paradisia’x Sarah Jean ‘Vapour’
  2nd P. Wise Cym Gentle Touch ‘Bon Bon’
3 (c) Intermedia Cym – Any other colour 1st P. & K. O’Neill Cym Bulburrow ‘Friar Tuck’
4 (a) Miniature
Cym – Pink/Red
1st P. Wise Cym Showgirl ‘Huskey Honey’
  2nd P. Wise Cym Bingo Santa Corey x Last Tango ‘Geyserland’
4 (b) Minaturei Cym – Yellow/Green/White 1st P. Wise Cym Shoalhaven ‘Touch of Class’
  2nd P. Wise Cym. Gladys Whitesell ‘Paradisia’ x Sarah Jean ‘Vapour’
4 (c) Miniature
Cym – Any other colour
1st L. Friess Cym Heartbreak Doctor ‘Bleeding Heart’
  2nd L. Friess Cym Eye of the Tiger ‘Perloric’
5 (a) Aust Native Species – Den Speciosum 1st D. Roberts Den spec National White x Curv NP14
  2nd D. Roberts Den spec Curv ‘Misty Mtn’ x Curv ‘Ted’
5 (b) Dendrobium Kingianum 1st P. Wise Den kingianum ‘Valda’ x’ Steve’
2nd H. Podobransky Den king ‘Beryl’s Red’ x (Freckles x Speckles)
5 (c) Dendrobium other 1st P. Wise Den Prenticei
2nd M. Warner Den Monophilium
5 (e) Other 1st N. Bates Den Linguiforme
2nd D. Roberts Aequalis ‘Ray’s Yellow’
6 (a) Aust Native Hybrid – Dendrobium White 1st P. Wise Den Wonga x Gracilimum x spec Nat. White
  2nd P. Wise Den Aussie Ecru x Kim
6 (b) Dendrobium – Pink/red/purple/brown 1st P. Wise Den Brinana Charm x June Mac
  2nd D. Roberts Den Berry
6 (c) Dendrobium – Cream/yellow/green 1st P. Wise Den Yondi Sparkle
  2nd H. Podobransky Den Yondi Sparkle ‘Elizabeth’
6 (e) Other 1st I. Lawson Dock Oliver Jack ‘Gerard’
2nd N. Bates Sarco Otway Sunset
6 (a) Cattleya hybrid – Over 90mm 1st A. Holsted Cat Drumbeat ‘Heritage’
  2nd A. Holsted Cat Drumbeat ‘Heritage’
9 (b) Cattleya hybrid – Up to 90mm 1st A. Smynios Lc Tokyo Magic x Pot ‘Free Spirit’
  2nd H. Podobransky Lc Coronet
8 Paphiopedilum Hybrid 1st P. & K. O’Neill Paph Amanda Hill
2nd P. & K. O’Neill Paph Rosy Dawn
9 (a) Species – Americas 1st P. Wise Cat Loddigesii ‘Alba Angel’
  2nd P. Wise Laelia Flava
9 (b) Other than Americas 1st I. Lawson Paph Vellosum ‘F2’
2nd P. Wise Coelogyne Cristata x Lemoniana
10 Oncidinae Alliance Hybrid 1st A. Smynios Odcm Tiger Crow x Oda Coittower ‘Gina’
2nd P. Wise Onc ‘Dancing Light’
11 Other Orchid Hybrid 1st P. Wise Sarc Hartmannii ‘BK ’x Rhinochilus Coelestis
2ndI. Lawson Masd Prince Charming
13 Novice Aust Native Species/Hybrid 1st B. Theakston Den Linguiforme
14 Novice Other Orchid 1st B. Theakston Coelogyne ‘Unchained Melody’
2nd B. Theakston Coelogyne ‘Flaccida’
17 Junior Other Orchid 1st R. Lombe Oncidium Unknown
18 Floral Art with Driftwood 1st T. Parker 2nd P. & K.O’Neill
30 Floral Art free expression 1st I. Friess 2nd P. & K.O’Neill

Compiled with all care and no responsibility for the deciphering of names from tags.
15 Exhibitors, 160 plants benched.